Lymphatic Brushing is a easy, quick way to detoxify your lymphatic system. Remember, your lymphatic system is one of the most important garbage disposal and detoxification systems of the body. Flushing your lymph will reduce pain, let muscles and organs work as they should, increase longevity and overall health and more.


Dry brushing helps exfoliate your skin, boosts circulation, may reduce cellulite, boosts digestion, and most importantly, keeps your lymphatic system in tact. Your lymphatic system carries blood and eliminates waste made by your cells, so if this is congested, you can get bloated, and experience inflammation and sickness. Dry brushing helps you with various health benefits, while sloughing away dead skin cells


To do it, you want to use firm, circular motions and start at the bottom, then move upwards (palms to shoulders, feet to chest, and so on). It’s best done in the morning, because it will keep you energised through the day. If you’re doing it completely dry, then do it before you shower. If you’re doing it with a little bit of oil, then do it post shower. If you opt for the dry route, you might want to put on oil or lotion post shower, as this ritual works perfectly for your skin! Some even choose to dry brush post a sauna or steam, to open up the pores. If you do this, finish off with a cold shower to close the pores back up.

Watch the two following videos for instruction:




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