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Benefits Blane E. has experienced:

Dr. Jeff treated me when I was very ill and the doctors were guessing at what antibiotics to throw at my illness, which only made them worse. For two weeks I went through hell and lost almost 20 lbs with no solution in site. I went to Dr. Jeff. He tested me, worked on me, and gave me an herbal supplement. Within two days I was healed completely. Finally getting healthy saved my health and my business so I could support my family. Although he is incredible at adjusting bones he is so much more than that, for me and many people I know. I see him as a professional healer. Isn’t that what doctors do? Or are supposed to do? Heal? I know of at least 10 other people in town that have similar Dr. Jeff success stories. I recommend him to my friends all the time that they get a session from him and try out all his many educated skills. His understanding of the body and ability to communicate it is far more impressive than any doctor I’ve seen. For me I call him my doctor. He not only treats sickness and pain but is also a doctor of wellness and health.

Benefits Tamara R. has experienced:

I’m so grateful that I met Dr. Jeff. I was referred to him by friends of mine that also seek him for help. I came to see Dr. Jeff mid-October 2014, after struggling with my Crohn’s disease for over eighteen months in a flare up. I had been on various different types of supplements to help control the inflammation and the bleeding. I had changed my diet to help with the symptoms of which I was experiencing. I was trying everything and anything to help me feel somewhat normal with my Crohn’s disease.When I went to see Dr. Jeff he was so knowledgeable and so thorough. During the adjustment he told me that my ileo-cecal valve, which is the valve between small intestine and large intestines (it has a vital function in digestion) was shut! He worked on the area and tested the supplements that I was taking and adjusted what I was taking. It made a huge difference with the digestion for my body! For the first time in eighteen months I have relief. I now know that seeing Dr. Jeff and watching my diet keeps my Crohn’s in check. It’s so wonderful not have to struggle so severely with my disease thanks to Dr. Jeff!

Benefits Kylie M. has experienced:
Dr, Jeff has been my miracle worker. I had been bouncing back and forth between doctors and specialist because of Multiple Sclerosis and never had any improvement. Since I have been seeing Dr. Jeff, I haven’t felt as good as I do in months. I’m back to light exercising and activities that I haven’t been able to do recently. I stopped seeing the doctor because Dr. Jeff’s treatment was improving my health so quickly that I didn’t need to see them anymore. I would recommend him to anyone looking to improve their quality of life. His prices are very reasonable, he is professional and always on time. Dr. Jeff is truly great at what he does.
Benefits Filip R. has experienced:

I had been experiencing consistent pain in my left foot for nine years, especially when engaging in activities like running and hiking, which would aggravate the already painful and stiff body part. Years of ankle injuries since 2003-2004 had made my foot weaker and weaker. In September of 2012, I came into contact with a medical doctor who had identified my condition as subtalar-joint related (the subtalar joint serves as the cushioning in the foot). He recommended surgery in order for me to be able to stay active and enjoy the activities I had been held back from. Since the subtalar joint was probably worn down, I was advised to have surgery to clean out what was thought to be remaining of the joint and screw together my talus and my heel bone. Though I’m sure the doctor’s advice was intended for the best, it was very devastating to me that I would be stuck with having the first surgery of my life before I turned 20 years old. I had given up hope of restoring proper function aside from surgery, until I was introduced to Dr. Jeff the next summer. His knowledge of the human body was outstanding, and after just one adjustment I experienced relief on an extraordinary scale. The relief came about not only for my foot, but my occasional knee pain – associated positively with increased flexion – disappeared temporarily the day of my first adjustment and continues to improve. Even standing for more than a few hours at a time used to cause significant inflammation, stiffness, and pain in my left foot, but I currently experience little to no pain with activities I had trouble performing before my visit. I approached Dr. Jeff’s novel methods with skepticism, and did my best to make sure that I was feeling better because I was getting better, not because of a placebo effect. I have essentially full range of motion in my left foot and for a year now I’ve been involved in activities that I didn’t trust my foot could withstand, like hiking and jogging – the proof is in the pudding, and these health changes were really real. Don’t ignore your doctor, but realize you have other options for getting healthy! This experience has effected my life so greatly that I am now studying anatomy, physiology and acupuncture and am considering a career as a Doctor of Chiropractic! Thank you, Dr. Jeff!

Benefits Nancy N. has experienced:

I’ve had occasional vertigo throughout my life. I’ve actually had five major attacks of vertigo in my life. After each attack, I’ve had bouts of lightheadedness lasting for 3-4 months before everything returned to “normal.” In late 2011, I started experiencing daily lightheadedness and dizziness. I was referred for physical therapy, which helped alleviate the dizziness a little bit, but it always came back within hours and the lightheadedness was still there, as well as waves of vertigo. A month after I started physical therapy, I had an attack of vertigo that lasted 6 hours and put me back at square one of my therapy. In spring 2012, I learned about Dr. Jeff and his NRCT. On my very first visit, the NRCT took away my dizziness completely. The complete relief lasted two days. After that, only a mild sensation of lightheadedness returned. After six treatments, I’d say that I am 95-95% well. All in all, I am definitely back to my more normal daily routine and now have hope of recovering completely. What I really appreciate is that Dr. Jeff is open to any questions or concerns I have and discusses the treatment I am receiving. The office staff has been extremely warm and supportive for each of my visits. Thank you, all of you!

Benefits Kendra H. has experienced:

Before you can understand the magnitude of help that I got from Dr. Jeff, I feel you need to know a little bit of history that lead up to seeing him. In October 2011, I woke up to a very bad pain in my lower back, and I hadn’t fallen or done anything that would have caused this pain. I figured it would go away, so I took an Ibuprofen and went about my day. Three weeks went by and it just kept getting worse, traveling up between my shoulders and into my neck. I went to my doctor’s office. Over the next six weeks, I had x-rays, MRIs, three different prescriptions for pain medicine, three different sets of shots in my back and neck, and saw more doctors. Their conclusion was that I had 12 bad discs in my spine, arthritis in my back, and degeneration in my spine and there was nothing they could do for me. “It comes with age. You are just going to have to learn to live with it.” Well, I know that as you get older, you get aches and pains, but I also know you don’t get old overnight.By this time I had missed over 80 hours of work, had spent thousands of dollars, and was still in so much pain. Everything I did in my every-day life hurt. I couldn’t sweep the floor, walk up the stairs in my house—I couldn’t even walk from the front of a store to the back without being in tears. As a last resort, I decided to go to a spine surgeon, only to hear him tell me that surgery would probably just make it worse. All I could think of was that I was going to be in this terrible pain for the rest of my life.A friend of mine suggested going to see Dr. McCloskey. It was the best thing I have ever done. Dr. Jeff and the staff really care about you as a person and believe you when you say you’re in mind-numbing pain – no condescending attitude, only understanding. They set up a plan of action to help you live a pain free, drug free life. They make you feel like a friend. You really feel like their mission is for you to be out of pain. You feel the positive attitude the minute you walk through the doors. They help you understand the function of your spine and how everything revolves around it being healthy and aligned. After the 1st adjustment, I felt some relief. By the 3rd appointment, I was almost out of pain and almost totally off the pain medicine. I now see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m looking forward to playing with my grandkids again, going on bike rides (and yes, even doing yard work) without pain. No words can express my gratitude to Dr. Jeff for giving me back my life!

Benefits Justin I. has experienced:

I suffered from severe migraines since the age of 9. On average I would experience a full blown migraine at least 3-4 times a week. If anyone knows the feeling of a migraine it is absolutely miserable and makes even the simplest of activities nearly impossible. My parents immediately sought out a migraine “specialist.” I was given medication after medication including a pill I had to take every night for a preventative. The only hope I was given was that someday I would possibly grow out of them. Ten years later – and a plethora of medication ($$$), I still had not grown out of them. I was a new college student and migraines were a definite impediment to my success. Not until Dr. Jeff began treatment did my problems start to go away. I was completely oblivious to the world of Chiropractic. I sat down with Dr. Jeff and asked him if he could help me with my migraines. With complete confidence and no hesitation he said he could. Dr. Jeff started working with me immediately, pin pointing the cause of my migraines to toxicity in previous vaccinations. He performed tests involving the vaccination toxicity connection and after only a few appointments my migraines had exponentially gone down. After only a few weeks, my migraines were completely gone. 10 years of dumping medication into my body only masked my migraine problem; a few weeks with Dr. Jeff completely cured my problem. Almost a year has gone by and I have not experienced even the slightest migraine. Dr. Jeff is a hero of mine, he has completely changed my life and has inspired me to pursue a career in chiropractic. Believe in him!

Benefits Carmen M. has experienced:

In January of 2012, I was diagnosed with skin and scalp psoriasis. A dermatologist prescribed two topical medications, one being a corticosteroid and the other a synthetic vitamin D3 analog. The medications improved my condition, but it occasionally reoccurred, especially on my hands and eyelids. I was also concerned about the possible side effects of steroid usage.I took my concerns to Dr. Jeff, who offered solutions based on boosting my immune system, since psoriasis is an auto-immune disorder. His treatment consisted of unblocking my lymph nodes and recommending two supplements: one for detoxification and the other an anti-fungal.At the time of this visit, my hands had started breaking out again, but I hadn’t treated them. Within a day or two of using the detoxification product, all redness disappeared instead of getting worse, as it usually would.I was still on prescription medication for my scalp, but I decreased the amount used with each application with no ill effects. At my next dermatology appointment, the doctor was pleased with the condition of my scalp and skin, told me to slowly wean myself off both meds, and said she didn’t need to see me again unless other problems develop. I’m extremely pleased that chiropractic care was so instrumental in improving my condition, with many thanks to the doctor who was so invested in searching for a solution!

Benefits John P. has experienced:

I am a 75 year old male patient of Dr. Jeff’s. I began experiencing sensitivity to cold liquids in one of my lower teeth. After about a week I made an appointment with an oral surgeon to assess the tooth for a potential root canal. I mentioned this symptom to Dr. Jeff because he has helped with numerous problems in the past (not just back pain). Dr. Jeff actually worked on the tooth! He tested the strength of my muscles while I touched and pushed the tooth and jaw in different directions. He said that hopefully he could help reset the brains nerve supply to the teeth, and maybe help reset the tooth and ligaments that hold the tooth in place. Sure enough, the next day, the sensitivity in that tooth had decreased by about 50%! A week later he performed another treatment, and the next day the sensitivity was completely gone! Six months later, that tooth has been fine, but a different tooth began to be very sensitive to hot liquids and foods. (This began after the oral surgeon “nicked a nerve” while drilling a cavity and replacing a crown in the tooth. She apologized, but the next day I began a strong sensitivity to hot liquids and foods which lasted about 2 weeks.) After 2 weeks of suffering, Dr. Jeff worked on me and the next day it was 90% better! A second treatment a week later and now the pain and sensitivity is completely gone! Thank you Dr. Jeff! I wonder how many root canals and other costly and invasive dental procedures could be saved with this simple treatment.

Benefits Carolyn T. has experienced:
I have had several health problems that were not resolved through conventional medical care. I suffered for over 6 years with a chronic cough, especially in the winter. Dr. Jeff used chiropractic adjustments and techniques that have left me “cough-free” for nearly 6 months so far! It is such a relief and return to a better quality of life. I have also been able to resolve a number of other physical problems. I really appreciate the genuine concern and personal interest shown by all the staff. THANK YOU Dr. Jeff!
Benefits Susan H. has experienced:
I had been having low back pain for several weeks, and it didn’t occur to me that it might be related to the digestive problems I had been having everyday for two months. Dr. McCloskey not only made the connection immediately, but within a few days after his treatment both my back pain and digestive problems were gone. They have not returned since. I recommend him completely and tell my family and friends how thorough he is.
Benefits Linda P. has experienced: 

I had been having low back pain for several weeks, and it didn’t occur to me that it might be related to the digestive problems I had been having everyday for two months. Dr. McCloskey not only made the connection immediately, but within a few days after his treatment both my back pain and digestive problems were gone. They have not returned since. I recommend him completely and tell my family and friends how thorough he is.

Benefits Becky B. has experienced:
I have suffered with migraine headaches for almost 15 years. They have ranged from uncomfortable and painful some days to excruciating on the days when they would keep me from even going to work. I have taken some medication but experienced little help. Dr. Jeff spent more time with me than any other Chiropractor I have ever met. Where many doctors give you a few minutes and are done, he takes the time and puts great care into his work. After the first visit, I did not have ANY headaches for two weeks, which is unheard of for me. After just three visits, and eliminating foods that I was reacting to from my diet, my headaches are almost completely resolved. Headaches are few and far between now, and even then are far less severe. He has helped me more than any other doctor or medication.
Benefits Jerry K. has experienced:

Dr. Jeff did more to fix my mental cloudiness and headaches in one visit than over 300 visits to a variety of other Chiropractors. Finally after over 300 treatments with several Chiropractors, I experienced the highest feelings of wellbeing and natural exuberance since before I sustained three accidents/injuries. Dr. Jeff’s inclusive system of healing allowed my body to get to the source and to unwind the memory of the trauma of the accidents that have occurred in my lifetime. After releasing the memories of the injuries, my body has had the opportunity to heal these physical dysfunctions / limitations, giving me a new, higher, level of health. This method of asking the intelligence of the body what it needs to heal a dysfunction, and doing only what it asks, is the most unique method that has been used to help my body heal. My experience is proof that it works, even long after the injuries have occurred. Dr. Jeff puts a lot of effort into each healing session. The method, combined with his dedication to it, greatly reduces the number of total treatments necessary.

Benefits Xavier T. has experienced:

I am 28 years old and have been an athlete all my life. I suffered a sprained shoulder during an intense workout. For months I would feel pain with most lifting or stretching and was unable to lift even 20 pounds without pain. Within about 24 hours of Dr. Jeff’s treatment I regained 90% of my strength and flexibility. With only two treatments my shoulder is pain free and back to normal. What he does is different than any other chiropractor or physical therapist I have been to, and it works.

Benefits Ruth G. has experienced:
My back was extremely painful after several days of extensive physical labor. Dr. McCloskey worked on my spine, my muscles, and did acupuncture. That night I slept more deeply and longer than I have in years. When I awoke, not only was my pain gone, but I also felt a tremendous sense of wellbeing and was full of energy.
Benefits Dave K. has experienced:

Dr. McCloskey got rid of my back pain in just one treatment. The pain has been on and off for years. Since seeing Dr. McCloskey, I haven’t had any pain for 5 weeks after that one treatment. He is excellent, very thorough. I have told some friends who are seeing other Chiropractors that they should try him.

Benefits Christy K. has experienced:
My headaches were everyday for years, often severe migraines. I also had neck and shoulder pain. With just a few visits, I hardly ever had headaches anymore. And if I do they are much less painful then before. He also helped my 12 year old daughter who was getting back pain everyday in class. She no longer has any back pain. Thank you Dr. McCloskey.