After using different massager equipment over the last 15 years, this is the low cost percussion massager I recommend. My patients are having success working out tight muscles, trigger points, tender and congested areas of lymphatic stagnation and more.

Though single head, drill-like devices have become very popular over the last couple of years, in my experience, the Homedics devices have greater longevity and durability (at a lower price). This device is currently retailing for $32.95 at 

Common areas of muscle tightness include the mid-trapezius muscles (above the scapula, often referred to as “shoulders”), hips and thighs. Another beneficial tight areas include what runners refer to as the “I-T Bands” (on the lateral legs, the tensor fascia latae muscles). Care should be taken to avoid the neck, as the vibration may be too strong and may subluxate the neck vertebrae.

The lymphatic system is often referred to as your body’s “garbage disposal” system. The extensive network of lymphatic vessels in your body help drain cellular waste products that are often too large or too much for your blood vessels to handle. Toxic lymphatic build up (from junk food, from pesticides and other industrial chemicals, from dehydration, from lack of exercise, from auto-toxemia causes like smoking and drinking alcohol, from infection and other causes) accumulates in the lymphatic system and begins to shut down nearby muscles and functions of the body.

Percussion massagers of this type are also very valuable to massage the commonly found kidney and adrenal fatigue lymphatics between the umbilicus and xiphoid, over the liver and spleen, and in the commonly tender and congested axillary lymph nodes (in the armpits). Massaging between the scapula helps stimulate many muscles of the back and the lymphatic reflexes of the nearby visceral organs. 

**See the following article! on lymphatic massage, which includes a diagram of muscle-related lymphatic areas. If you touch the areas on that chart and find tender spots, there is a good likelihood you have lymphatic congestion there. Gently rubbing and massaging these tender areas for 2-5 minutes a day will not only cleanse and detox clogged lymphatic waste, but will restore healthy muscle tone and balance. This means dysfunctional, tight muscles will relax while weak and inhibited muscles will strengthen. Applied Kinesiology (AK) practitioner’s have been employing this muscle rehabilitation via lymphatic stimulation technique since the 1960’s. Hydration, good nutrition, exercise, proper rest, not regularly overstimulating the body with regular caffeine or nicotine, rehabilitating dysfunctional muscles and lymphatic stimulation are all important ways to give your body the opportunity it wants to heal and reverse the aging the process.

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