If your doctor isn’t specially trained to search for, diagnose and treat auto accident injuries, long-term consequences can hurt your health as well as your pocketbook.

Did you know that a MAJORITY of auto accident victims have significant injuries that usually go undetected by most doctors? Some legal experts say that this failure of doctors to look for, diagnose (and treat) these common, major injuries constitutes a form of medical malpractice. Failing to search for and find these auto accident injuries can mean years of pain and suffering, loss of compensation and loss of up to 80% of your legal claim’s value. Since your attorney’s legal notes can only include injuries that your doctors looked for, it is essential that you choose a doctor trained in finding the wide variety of injuries caused in most auto accidents.

In our office, we often see people who are struck by another vehicle travelling 45 MPH, 55 MPH and beyond. One study demonstrated that car accidents where the victim is rear ended in speeds as low as 5 miles/hour can introduce forces eight times the force of gravity (8 G’s) into the delicate anatomical structures of the neck, spine and extremities.

These traumas can result in

  • whiplash
  • pinched nerves
  • permanent ligament damage
  • permanent spinal instability
  • bulging discs
  • herniated discs and more

Nasty Consequences of Misdiagnosis

All of these auto accident injuries, when not searched for, found, and appropriately treated will lead to premature degeneration (arthritis). As the body tries to protect the damaged area, premature calcification and arthritis will lead to not only pain, but also decreased nerve supply to your vital organs and muscles. All of this means premature aging, decreased muscular and organ function, and a general decrease in quality of life.

Pinched nerves often cause pain, loss of sensation and strength, and numbness and tingling. If you have experienced numbness and tingling after an injury, there is a good chance you suffered a pinched nerve. If you noticed difficulty in grip strength, or that you occasionally drop things after an accident or injury, you may also be suffering from a pinched nerve. Our office specializes in techniques that restore muscular function and nerve flow to heal these injuries.

Dr. Jeff McCloskey has training and certification from the Ligament Injury Institute and Accident Works of America in ordering specialized X-rays and employs measurement techniques to search for and find permanent ligament damage. Patients who suffer neck pain, numbness and tingling and other symptoms after car accident injuries often have permanent ligament damage in the neck (or the low back). This is a serious injury that can only be found after careful measurement of special X-rays. Most patients are surprised to learn how common this injury is. See more at Accident Works of America.

Dr. Jeff McCloskey is proud to offer the specialty services of finding, diagnosing and treating these common, major injuries to protect you after an accident. Call our office today at (970) 241-2400 for more information.