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What is Applied Kinesiology?

Kinesiology, Grand Junction CO – According to the International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK), Kinesiology is in part a system that evaluates structural, chemical and mental aspects of health using manual muscle testing combined with other standard methods of diagnosis. AK is a diagnostic technique that allows trained doctors to test the neurologic integrity of the body via testing and restoring muscle strength. It’s non-invasive system of evaluating body function that is unique in the healing arts, has become a dynamic movement in health care. Modern AK testing originated in the 1960s with work of Dr. George Goodheart. All true corrections to the nervous system (as opposed to treatments that force the body deeper into adaptation) free-up energy that is used to heal.

How Can Kinesiology Help Me?

Kinesiology Grand Junction Co 81501. Fibromyalgia, headaches, neck pain, back pain, chronic fatigue.Anytime we suffer from an injury or emotional trauma or have unresolved stress, or you have a nutritional lack or excess, the energy flow in our body gets interrupted. When the energy flow gets interrupted, the whole body is affected. Kinesiologist can identify by muscle testing where the energy has stopped flowing or is being blocked. Below is a list of some of the things that AK can help:

  • Digestive Disorders
  • Pain
  • Respiratory
  • Back Pain
  • Sports Injuries
  • Nervous Conditions
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Sensitivity to Foods
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Confusion
  • Fatigue
Dr. Jeff McCloskey is a certified Kinesiologist that is practicing medicine in Grand Junction CO. He graduated from the International College of Applied Kinesiology-USA and strongly believes that finding the bodies “weakest link” is the start to living a healthy, enjoyable life.