“Chi Machine”

I want to share how much the “Chi Machine” type stimulators have helped my patients overcome pain, boost immune function and improve general health.
These machines are recommended especially for people who live sedentary lifestyles, do not get enough exercise, or are unable to move due to pain or disabilities, etc. At this link: Chi Machine Reviews and Links  you can watch videos and read reviews of different machines available at Amazon.com, etc. The rocking motion provided by these machines flushes stagnant lymph, gently release fixated (stuck) joints, stimulate the areas of the brain that need to be stimulated by movement and more. Some manufacturers claim that 15 minutes of Chi Machine use is the equivalent of up to 90 minutes of walking in terms of oxygenation.
Lymphatic stagnation is a major cause of illness, disease and even pain. Your lymphatic system is a major channel of detoxification. When your garbage backs up in your driveway, your backyard starts to stink. When your garbage backs up in your lymphatic system, your muscles stop working correctly, your immune system becomes compromised, you are more likely to develop toxicity related conditions such as colds and flu, pain, skin conditions, even cancer.
There are some cancer clinics which have these type stimulators in every room, and patients are instructed to use them every day. Taking out the garbage is important.
If you are not getting plenty of cardiovascular exercise, or especially if you are sedentary, I recommend trying one of these units.
I have heard of multiple conditions improve within a short time of beginning this protocol.
As with anything, it is best to gradually increase time and intensity with this stimulation.  I also recommend getting a device with a speed control so you can adjust the speed to your comfort level.
*Consult your doctor before beginning an exercise program or adding physical therapy type equipment, especially if you have any artificial hardware implants (artificial knees, hips, etc.).  

Dr. Jeff McCloskey
The Health Institute of Western Colorado