“What is left to eat?” I hear patients say that almost all foods are labeled bad on one diet or another, so what is there left that is healthy to eat? From my research and experience with patients (and personal experience), I agree mostly with Dr. Mercola and Dr. Steven Gundry that we should minimize grains (wheat, breads, rice, pasta, etc.), sugars and stimulants (like coffee and caffeine containing energy drinks), nightshades (mostly tomatoes, peppers and potatoes, but not sweet potatoes) and reduce sweet fruits while increasing vegetables and healthy fats as the core of our diet, and to include smaller amounts of grass fed meats, wild caught fish, free range eggs and grass fed dairy for protein and fat. Foods to maximize (eat as much as you want) include cooked cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, cabbage), avocados, coconuts,  cooked onions, artichokes, carrots, celery, leafy greens like spinach, kale, chard, arugula, asparagus, rutabaga, berries and less-sweet fruits, and to eat approximately 50% raw and 50% cooked of approved vegetables. See

Dr. Gundry Approved Foods (a print-friendly list)

for a more complete list of Dr. Gundry’s low-lectin approved food list.
Don’t forget, don’t stress or try and replace your entire diet overnight, but gradually move towards a more easy to digest, nutrient rich diet. You’ll feel better and live longer!

Dr. Mercola’s food pyramid for a healthy, long, vital life (with most important group first)

1. Veggies and healthy fats = largest group
2. Grass fed meats, wild caught fish, free range eggs, grass fed dairy
3. Fruits
4. Grains and sugars = smallest group, least consumed