Manual Sinus Drainage (VIDEO) for Allergy Symptom Reduction

With Temperatures in the 70’s, many trees, grasses and flowers are pollinating and causing many respiratory allergy symptoms.
I have watched patients reduce their allergy symptoms over years through healthier lifestyle, detoxification, strengthening the immune and endocrine system and avoiding inflammatory foods. My colleagues and I have also observed that reducing grains (such as wheat and corn) from the diet at this time of year can also greatly reduce allergy symptoms, as the inflammatory effects of eating grains causes the immune system to be triggered more easily by the pollens we are breathing.
The following video demonstrates an easy technique to drain sinus and lymphatic congestion from the head, neck and chest to reduce runny nose, sneezing, sore throats, red itchy eyes etc. This technique also can reduce other head and neck issues such as headaches. This technique can be modified or shortened to fit your needs.

Dr. Mark Lynch demonstrating sinus/throat lymphatic drainage massage

Use this manual sinus drainage technique to alleviate allergy symptoms, sinus congestion and more.

Dr. Mark demonstrating sinus drainage for allergy relief. Also a technique to help not have a sore throat or to hurry it up and get rid of it. This does increase your immune system function overall too.

Posted by Mark Lynch on Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Other allergy reducing products that we carry include:
- Camu Supreme.This product, extremely high in Vitamin C, restorative to adrenal function, and anti-inflammatory has many healing benefits
Takesumi Supreme. A form of activated charcoal made from carbonized Bamboo, 10X more absorbent than wood charcoal. Acts a binding agent to protect and eliminate a broad spectrum of environmental and metabolic toxins. Safe and gentle. More like a sponge than a pharmacological agent.
Endo Supreme, Tulsi Supreme and Ashwaganda Supreme. Hormonal/endocrine restorative.
Himalayan Bresol. This product, from India, provides anti-histamine, anti-inflammatory contains herbs such as Tumeric and Holy Basil and often provides fast relief of seasonal allergy symptoms.

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