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Allergy Reducing Manual Sinus Drainage Technique

The following video demonstrates an easy technique to drain sinus and lymphatic congestion from the head, neck and chest to reduce runny nose, sneezing, sore throats, red itchy eyes etc. This technique also can reduce other head and neck issues such as headaches. This technique can be modified or shortened to fit your needs.

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The Importance of Staying Hydrated

While being interviewed by a radio host about my free mini-book on strategies to reduce inflammation and heal the body, he asked me "what's the most important one?" Hmmm.... Hydration was my answer, and it was a good one. We discussed the importance of being hydrated,...

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Dry Brushing for Lymphatic Detoxification and Longevity

Lymphatic Brushing is a easy, quick way to detoxify your lymphatic system. Remember, your lymphatic system is one of the most important garbage disposal and detoxification systems of the body. Flushing your lymph will reduce pain, let muscles and organs work as they should, increase longevity and overall health and more.
Dry brushing helps exfoliate your skin, boosts circulation, may reduce cellulite, boosts digestion, and most importantly, keeps your lymphatic system in tact. Your lymphatic system carries blood and eliminates waste made by your cells, so if this is congested, you can get bloated, and experience inflammation and sickness. Dry brushing helps you with various health benefits, while sloughing away dead skin cells

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How chiropractic care can help frequent headaches

A chiropractor is a spine, muscle, and nervous system expert specifically trained to diagnose the underlying cause of your frequent headaches.
The chiropractor will discuss your treatment options with you and answer questions you may have. Treatment options may include spinal manipulation or mobilization, soft tissue therapy, and other modalities. Exercises may even be prescribed to help correct your posture.

Chiropractors, as part of your healthcare team, can help if you are suffering from headaches. In fact, an Australian study found that 72 percent of migraine sufferers in a clinical trial experienced either “substantial” or “noticeable” improvement after a period of chiropractic treatment.

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Chiropractic treatment for migraine: an introduction

Chiropractic treatment that focuses on the body’s alignment, particularly the spine, to alleviate pain, improve the body’s mobility and function, and allow the body to naturally heal. Most practitioners engage in moving, stretching and manipulating the spine to make “adjustments.”1

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